Xtradecal X72109: F-100C Super Sabre



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Scott Van Aken



There are times when one goes searching for a decal sheet, only to discover that what one seeks has been printed many years ago. Such was the case with my search for an F-100C sheet for the Trumpeter kit I purchased. However, it isn't that old and after a while, I found this one listed in a store in France. Electronic money was exchanged for decals and in about two and a half weeks, the decal sheet arrived.

This sheet contains markings for six different planes, most of them in bare metal/painted aluminum with one in SEA camo and one in overall ADC grey. No kit is specified, but in truth, the only one that is worth building for many is the Trumpeter kit, despite its faults. There have been C model F-100s produced in this scale by PM of Turkey and a really old one by Revell.

The cover sheet scan does not show all the options, but you can pretty well figure things out by looking at the decal sheet itself. There are insignia for four planes with two sets of small and two sets of large ones. There are a pair USAF and US AIR FORCE markings as two of the options carried these, plus a NM AIR GUARD marking. It is expected that all the data and warning markings will come from the kit sheet. All the regular USAF planes have the buzz numbers and serial fonts in the rounded style applied by the North American factory.

First up, with the red 9th AF tail marking is a plane from the 333rd FDS/4th FDW at Seymour-Johnston AFB in 1958.

Next with the blue tail band and checks is one from the 454 FBS/323rd FBW at Bunker Hill AFB in 1957.

With the green tail band is a 452 FDS/322nd FDW plane based at Foster AFB in 1956.

The first ANG option and in overall ADC grey is a plane from the 188 TFS, New Mexico ANG in 1972.

An option with three black stripes on the fin is from the 461 TFS/ 36 TFW based at Hahn AFB in 1958. This is one of the USAF's 'on and off again' units which operates for a time, then is disbanded only to resurface years later. They were last an F-15 training unit at Luke AFB that was disbanded in 1994 and reappeared at Edwards AFB in 2006 as an F-35 test flight.

The last scheme is one in SEA camouflage worn during its time at Phan Rang AFB in Vietnam. This is a VS coded plane from the 120 TFS, Colorado ANG assigned to the 35th TFW in 1968. The instructions say 1958, but that is obviously a typo.

The full color placement guide shows upper and lower surface markings placement as well as FS 595 and Xtracolo/crylix paint information.

In all, it is a great sheet that offers a bunch of colorful options that will add a lot to your Hun collection.

My thanks to me for picking this one up.

May 2016

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