Xtradecal X72077: Sea Vixen

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Xtradecal X72077: Sea Vixen


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First off, let me weasel out of scanning four pages of instructions to show you the various options. Leave it to say that basically every squadron that has operated the type is included on the sheet. Here is a link to Hannants so you can see the options. It also provided an opportunity to order one!

This sheet is designed for the new Xtrakit Sea Vixen, but I'm sure that many of the markings will also be useful on the older Frog kit or its various reboxings by Novo and Revell AG.

 Right after the Gulf War, there were a number of decal sheets produced in the UK. Xtradecal and Modeldecal were the two companies that produced a number of sheets on the RAF aircraft that participated. It is amazing that there were only a few subjects repeated between the two sets of sheet. Xtradecal got theirs on the market first and it shows in a general lack of crispness. Not to say it is bad, but the Modeldecal sheets, though thicker, are better detailed. If you have all the sheets you should be able to do every named RAF aircraft that participated.

Like on the other two sheets, there are four aircraft types featured. The first batch is for Buccaneers; four aircraft being listed. These are: 'Sea Witch Debbie', 'Dirty Harriet', 'Laser Lips Laura', and 'The Flying Mermaid Katherine'. 

Next are two Jaguars from 41 Sq; 'Buster Gonads' and the pink Spitfire.

Tornados are the majority of the sheet. In this section there is: 'Angel Face', 'Awesome Annie/Hello Kuwait, G'bye Iraq', 'Miss Behavin', one with Garfield on it, and 'Triffid Airways', which has a nice sharkmouth.

Finally a Hercules C.1P, 'The Baron'. This one is in standard RAF camouflage.

The instruction sheet gives appropriate load-outs for each type. A nice departure from the other two sheets is that the aircraft profiles are much easier to read as they are not shaded! 

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet!!!

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