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Xtradecal X023-72 Gulf War Special #2




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Scott Van Aken



When the Gulf War was over and enough details of the aircraft were made available, Xtradecal produced three sheets to commemorate that event. It should not be surprising that all the aircraft on the sheets are RAF, as they were probably the most photographed. 

The reason for this is all the nose art. With the exception of the Tornado F.3, all fixed wing tactical aircraft in the field had some sort of art applied to the aircraft. Most of this art was some form of female, much to the delight of male modelers.

On this sheet there are four aircraft types featured. The first is the Tornado F.3. These are in the normal Air Defense Grey as the F.3 was there to provide top cover and not to hug the ground! There are three F.3s on the sheet and they are quite unremarkable other than the Desert Eagles fin marking.

Next is another Victor from 57 Squadron. This one is in Hemp and Light Aircraft Grey and named 'Teasin Tina'

A Jaguar from 41 Squadron is next. No girlie art on this one, just a British boot kicking Saddam Hussein in the rear.

Finally, we have three Tornados, all from 'Snoopy Airways'. There is 'Helen', 'Emma', and 'Debbie'. Coincidently, the name of each aircraft corresponds with the tail letter, a trait you may notice on other types.

Like the earlier sheet, the detail is not particularly crisp, though it is adequate. This sheet has a couple of anomalies on it at the bottom, thanks to my borrowing the decals for another project!

The instruction sheet gives appropriate load-outs for each type. While the images are not particularly clear, they are sufficient to allow you to do the aircraft in question.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet!!!

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