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Scott Van Aken



It is hard to believe that it has been nearly ten years since the end of the Gulf War. I guess that time has that interesting trait about it in that events that seem so clear get yet so far away. This happens to everyone, I know, but it is more so of a characteristic for those that have lived in or through the event. It has happened to me with Vietnam, Koh Tan Island, the Iranian Hostage Crisis, the Gulf 'Tanker War', and now Desert Sheild/Storm. There are people born today who don't know what the Soviet Union was and frankly, most of them don't care. Well, enough digressing. The point of this was to be an introduction to the Xtradecal series of decal sheets on the Gulf War so let's get right down to the nitty gritty on it.

First thing you notice on the sheet is that there are a lot of subjects listed on it. Secondly, there are only RAF aircraft listed. Not surprising as Xtradecal is a British firm. I find it odd that the subject was almost totally ignored by US decal makers, despite the number of interesting markings carried by US F-16s in particular.

Gulf war aircraft were pretty well devoid of any superfluous markings, especially those repainted in the Desert Pink. This color rapidly faded or got dirty, so aircraft in the field were generally pretty ratty looking with multiple patches of areas repainted in various shades of this pink color.

So, what is on the sheet? There are four types on this and subsequent sheets, though not all have the same aircraft.

First is a Victor of 57 Sq in Hemp and Light Aircraft Grey. This one, as well as the rest of the subjects, carries nose art. In particular this one is 'Maid Marian'. All of 57 Squadron's nose art girls carried the 57 Sq spear. There are also the appropriate mission marks. 

Next are several Jaguars, all from 41 Squadron. The three are 'Fat Slags', 'Guardian Reader', and an unnamed one with a shielded figure.

A single Buccaneer is the next subject, this one being 'Miss Jolly Roger'. All the Buccaneers carried the name of an alcoholic beverage but I cannot read the one for this aircraft. Since I mentioned it, I should also tell you that this sheet and the others is not particularly crisp and clear. It seems these sheets were rushed into production and it shows it. While no real problems with register, the nose art and other specific markings are just not up to today's standards.

Finally, there are are three Tornados. These are 'Snoopy Airways', 'Nikki' and the sharkmouthed 'Budda'. Again, all come with the appropriate mission marks and relevant markings, though some may need to be gleaned from the kit.

The instruction sheet gives appropriate load-outs for each type. While the images are not particularly clear, they are sufficient to allow you to do the aircraft in question.

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet!!!

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