Wolfpack Decals 35001: Guntruckin'


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Scott Van Aken


Wolfpak Decals has decided to give military vehicle markings and try and so has picked the Vietnam War to launch this new series. The first sheet contains some very interesting subjects, and among them are some very interesting vehicles; gun trucks. So let us just get to it and see what is on this sheet.

First off, we have three gun trucks. As most of you who are into these vehicles know, there were rarely two that were identical. There also were not that many built and only one survived as it was with the rest either junked or returned to standard trucks.

First up is 'The Mafia', a vehicle with 541 Co. 8 Grp, 27T Bn. This one has the forward edge of the hood painted yellow.

The next is 'Wild Thing' with the Co D, 35 Gp, 815 Eng Bn. The big razorback is quite colorful.

At the bottom of the page is 'Puff the Tragic Wagon' with the 102 Eng Det, 815 Eng Bn. These are all M35 trucks and for kits you have one from AFV Club to which you need to add an aftermarket set or two.

The M548 names 'Fix or Repair Daily' was with the 11 ACR. This is also an AFV Club kit.

'Commander Bond' is an M113 with 1 Bn, 5 Inf. There are several options in terms of kits for this one.

Next is 'Mod Squad' an M728 of the 919 Eng Co, 11 ACR. For this one, you need an M60 tank and some aftermarket.

Since most of the markings are in white, I have darkened the sheet scan enough for you to see what is there. Like other Wolfpak Decals, there is complete information on the vehicle including what kits and conversion items are needed to duplicate it. The decals themselves are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop.

Thanks to WolfPak Decals for the review sample.

August 2012

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