Wolfpak Decals 72-044: Thunder and LITENING


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Scott Van Aken



For their next new sheet, Wolfpak Decals has another interesting mix of types from the 50s until today. Some of these carry the pod as mentioned in the title while others are just good choices. There are seven different options on this one.

The instruction sheet for this set is the best in the business when it comes to background information and what may be needed to accurately depict the aircraft being modeled. In addition to the actual placement profiles, there are several additional pages of information that include a history of the type,  kits and update bits for these schemes,  as well as load-out information, and any changes needed to properly model the aircraft in question, assuring you of the most accurate model you can have. A listing of available kits is also included. If you've never seen a set of Wolfpak Decals, you really have no idea of how extensive the background information is with these sheets.

On to the schemes.

The first one is one of the special schemes produced for the 100th anniversary of Naval Aviation this year. It is an F-18A+ from VFA-204 based at New Orleans. It is in the overall blue with the orange band that was standard with Reserve units in the early 1950s.

As part of this deal, there is an FG-1D from VF-822 based at NAS New Orleans in 1950. This one can be done either with or without the orange band. Though not included with the very first shipment of sheets, a placement guide for the Corsair's large NAS NEW ORLEANS wing markings is included with the most recent mailings. Contact Wolfpak Decals if you haven't gotten yours within the next week.

Moving to 2005, we have one of the Connecticut ANG's A-10s, chock full of mission markings. I think they are now flying a few C-21s and that is about it. Sad to see these great units being downsized or eliminated all together, but this sort of thing has been going on for quite some time with little end in sight as weapons systems get more and more expensive.

Next is a T-28D from the 606 SOS from Thailand in 1967. This one wears a modified SEA camouflage schme where the tan and grey are replaced by black, making for a rather interesting camo scheme.

Two F-15E Strike Eagles from the 366 FW at Mountain Home AFB are next. First is the 12 AF flagship from 2007 when assigned to the 391 FS. The other is from 2010 and is a standard 389 FS aircraft.

Finally, also an aircraft that was with the 366 Wing in 1993 is this 34 BW plane. Though based at Castle AFB, it still carried the MO tail codes. Naturally, this unit is defunct as Castle AFB closed shortly thereafter.

As with the previous sheets, these are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop and without any registration problems. If you have not yet treated yourself to some of the best researched decals around, you should.

Thanks to WolfPak Decals for the review sample. You can get yours at the link to the left.

April 2011

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