Wolfpak Decals 72-023: SAC Silver


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Scott Van Aken



More goodies for some large and interesting aircraft. The instruction sheet for this set is the best in the business when it comes to background information and what may be needed to accurately depict the aircraft being modeled. In addition to the actual placement profiles, there are several additional pages of information that include a history of the type,  kits and update bits for these schemes,  as well as load-out information, and any changes needed to properly model the aircraft in question, assuring you of the most accurate model you can have.

Starting from the top of the profile page, we have two B-47E Stratojets. One is from the 509th BW at Pease, and the lower one is from the 100th BW, also based at Pease during the time. These were two of the last Stratojet wings in the USAF. The markings provided will allow one of the two to be built.

Next is a T-33 from the 509th. Bomb wings had quite a few hacks like this to allow pilots and desk pilots the opportunity to keep enough flight hours for flight pay. Today, T-38s do the same basic job. This one is overall polished aluminum.

The U-2C is one of several painted in this two tone grey scheme and was with the 100th SRW at Davis Mothnan AFB in 1975.

Nice to see a C-47  on a sheet and this one was also with the 100th Bomb Wing at Pease AFB. Often these were used to haul maintenance crews on overseas deployments or for transportation of important parts.

The last is a 28th BW B-52H based at Ellsworth AFB in South Dakota during 1979. This aircraft is in the SIOP scheme and has a huge ZAP from 100Sq RAF placed during a deployment.

 As with the previous sheets, these are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop and without any registration problems. If you have not yet treated yourself to some of the best researched decals around, you should. I should also mention that this scan is a tad lighter than the actual sheet, The upper SAC bands are a lighter blue than the others.

Thanks to WolfPak Decals for the review sample. You can order yours direct via Paypal using sales@millcreekconsultants.com for the reference. Free US shipping, Canada and Mexico add $3 and rest of the world add $4.

November 2009

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