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Scott Van Aken



This is the fourth sheet from Wolfpack Decals, and once again is a mixture of types, though sticking with the USAF and providing some fighters for us. There are enough unique markings and insignia to do all the planes on the sheet as well as the major data bits. Other stuff can be gleaned from the kit sheet.

First up is an F-4D and one of the few modified for Combat Tree, a BVR IFF system that allowed the Sparrows to be used without having to visually ID the target. This plane is shown as flown by John Madden on his first MiG kills against a pair of MiG-19s on Sept 9 1972.

Next are a pair of 555 TFS F-15As. The first one is in the Air Superiority Blue scheme that was briefly used until it was realized that the Compass Ghost Greys scheme was actually better. This scheme is used on the second plane, though somewhat negated by the yellow wing and fuselage bands. Interestingly, both of these planes ended their active career with the 122 FS, Louisiana ANG before the A models were retired several years back.

The final aircraft is an F-102A from the 509 FIS with the later case XX wings and the IR tracker ball on the nose. There were used for air defense and MiG-cap during B-52 raids. It was also used for ground attack firing its weapons bay door 2.75 inch rockets. Over 600 of these missions were flown.

For kits you have Hasegawa for all of them, Fujimi for the F-4D, ESCI for the F-4D and F-15A, Airfix for the Eagle and Monogram for the F-4D. None of these kits are really state of the art, though all of them can be made into very nice models. A three view of the SEA camo scheme is provided as is a nice historical section on each of the aircraft on the sheet.

The sheet itself is superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop and is in perfect register.

Thanks to WolfPack Decals for the review sample. You can order yours direct via Paypal using for the reference. Free US shipping, Canada and Mexico add $3 and rest of the world add $4.

December 2007

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