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Scott Van Aken



The third sheet from Wolfpack Decals continues the USAF theme and also has four subjects on it. As with other sheets, insignia and basic data are included on the sheet.

First up is a MiG-killer B-52D from the 96th Bomb Wing and also the last D model to be retired. This one is in a sort of SEA scheme with a black underside. I say sort of as B-52 colors were not the same shades as what you'd find on an F-4, for instance. The greens seemed a bit brighter and the tan wasn't as dark. That info is provided on the three view taken from the T.O. Kit by Monogram or Revell

Next is an A-7D from the 3 TFS/388 TFW operating from Korat in 1975. Though the Vietnam War was basically over, this unit did low intensity missions in Laos and South Vietnam. They were also used during the Mayaguez 'Rescue' Mission, a somewhat botched campaign that nonetheless, got this sailor a nice medal to add to his collection. Again, camo scheme info courtesy of the T.O. A number of available kits from ESCI, Fujimi (the best), Italeri, Matchbox and coming from HobbyBoss, though there is much whining about the 'problems' with the TA-7 so you may want to hang on to that Fujimi kit.

The T-33 is from the 95th FITS as part of the ADWC based at Tyndall for weapons shoots. It is also used as a spoof aircraft and several were outfitted with electronics to allow it to act as an airborne drone controller. The sheet offers alternate serial numbers for one of these planes or a standard T-33. Heller and Hasegawa are your options, at least until Academy gets off the stick and does one!

Finally, a C-130H from the 767 AS at Youngstown, Ohio. Four of this unit's planes are outfitted as sprayers and were used during the aftermath of various storms to prevent mosquito infestations. It has also been tested with various oil slick dispersion agents. The instructions show how to add the pylons for the spray gear. The plane itself has two tail markings, one for after becoming the General's main plane. The horrid Euro I camo scheme on this one, though one could do the newer AMC Grey scheme by now, I'd think. Kits by Airfix, ESCI, and Testors/Italeri (the best).

The sheet itself is superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop and is in perfect register.

Thanks to WolfPack Decals for the review sample. You can order yours direct via Paypal using for the reference. Free US shipping, Canada and Mexico add $3 and rest of the world add $4.

January 2008

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