Wolfpak Decals 72-121: Bad Animals


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Scott Van Aken



This sheet from Wolfpak decals has six interesting options, several of them current or at least close to it.

First up is a T-38C all decked out in an SEA camouflage scheme. This is the boss bird of the 560 FTS at Randolph AFB in 2018.

Next is an F-18D from VX-31, the weapons test unit at NAS China Lake in 2003.

Another SEA painted aircraft, but this time an early F-4E from the 560 TFS at Homestead AFB in 1970.

Just like the USAF, when a unit goes away it is sometimes resurrected as something else. In this case, VP-19 has morphed into VUP-19, operating drones. In this instance an MQ-4C from Point Mugu in 2018

The next option is an F-5N from VFC-111 at Key West in 2013. This plane has rather boring two greys paint scheme. The N is an ex-Swiss AF F-5E so has the shark nose and extended LEX.

Finally, a favorite scheme of mine, a 171 FIS F-4C of the Michigan ANG during 1984. At this time most of the planes had nose art and this one is 'We Bad' an option I don't think has been done before. This option includes the grey walkways.

I know I've said this before, but it is true. The instructions are the best in the business and you are provided with a list of kits and upgrade bits required. The decals are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop.

Thanks to WolfPak Decals for the review sample and the image of all the options as their cover sheets are too long for my scanner. Visit them at their web site and pick up yours.

November 2018

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