Wolfpak Decals 72-105: Splintered


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Scott Van Aken



This is an imaginative collection and one that includes subjects I've not seen on a decal sheet before. It is also one where most of the color comes from the paint schemes as generally, for these there is little that the decal sheet can provide without getting quite unwieldy.

The initial offering is a JAS-39A Gripen  from 7 Squadron of the Swedish Air Force in a special retirement scheme from 2012 that is reminiscent of the Viggen. Yes, the Gripen has been in service long enough for early versions to be retired from service.

Next, we have three F-15A/B Eagles. All three of these are very early 73- and 74- serial numbers. These were used to test the Ferris splinter scheme that was the rage with both the USAF and the USN in 1976. All three planes were assigned to the 58 TFTW and have different combinations of colors. These also have false canopies on the underside and are otherwise devoid of insignia and the myriad of stencils usually found on the Eagle. Since these are early in the F-15's career, they will have the turkey feathers on the exhaust.

An F-16B of the Combined Test Force at Edwards AFB in 1986 is next. It is also in various greys.

A nicely done J.35D Draken from 18 Squadron Swedish Air Force is next. This one was used for Splinter Camouflage Test in 1972.

The F-16XL-2 is the next option. This is with the same unit as the previous Falcon and from 1983.

An F-4C from the 58th TFTW at Luke AFB in 1976 is next. This one is quite reminiscent of the schemes applied to the USN Phantoms.

Finally, an F-5E from the 65th AS at Nellis AFB in 1976 in a very similar scheme to the F-4C.

As you might expect, the decals are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop. The sheet's outstanding instructions provides complete drawings of all these schemes to ensure that you will be able to duplicate them.

Thanks to WolfPak Decals for the review sample and the image of all the options as their cover sheets are too long for my scanner. Visit them at their web site and pick up yours.

April 2017

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