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Scott Van Aken



Every year, Wolfpak decals produces a thank you sheet for customers. There is a minimum purchase required and this is a very limited production sheet so often disappears rather quickly.

This is a larger than usual thank you sheet and contains markings for five planes from four units. The first of these is an F-4D from the 704 TFS based at Bergstrom AFB in 1986. In fact, there are two planes from this unit on the sheet. Both are in the Hill Grey II scheme, but the first one is a bit unusual in that the right side of the fin is in the darker grey. This plane also has a black radome. The other aircraft is also a bit unusual in that the area surrounding the cockpit is in the dark grey and not the lighter shade as is the norm.

Next is an F-15A from the 461st TFTS based at Luke AFB in 1976. This one has special red-orange and white bands around the nose and wings. The rest of the scheme is standard for the time.

A nice aggressor TA-4J from VA-127 in 1984 is next. This aircraft is in a wraparound scheme of grey, green and brown. Wolfpak provides and upper and lower painting diagram for this and the next plane so no worries on trying to guess how the scheme is applied.

The last options is an RA-3B from VAP-61 in 1968. This aircraft has a very interesting scheme of FS 36440/36118/36231 in a wraparound scheme. Modelers will need to scratch build the camera fairings unless they have the old Cutting Edge conversion set or the Rareplanes vacuform kit. I don't think this variant has yet been kitted by Hasegawa, though I'm sure they will eventually get around to it.

As usual for Wolfpak, the decals are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop and the sheet comes with the best background information provided by any sheet in the business. I personally like the multiple types on one sheet format as it allows a variety of builds to be done from a single sheet. 

Thanks to WolfPak Decals for the review sample.

January 2016

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