Wolfpak Decals 48-005: F-35A RAM Panels


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Scott Van Aken



One of the features that keeps many people from building the Kitty Hawk F-35A kit is the need to paint on all those RAM panels. RAM is radar absorbent material that is placed, in tape form, over all the various maintenance panels on stealthy aircraft. This is the same material with which the entire jet is painted and designed to not only absorb, but also to reflect incoming radar beams. This has the result of making a relatively large aircraft either electronically invisible, or to appear to be something like a small bird.

Well now those who dread having to do all that masking to properly duplicate this stuff have an easy way to deal with this. Wolfpak's sheet is designed specifically for the F-35A and will not properly fit the F-35B or F-35C. The set is in dark gull grey, which closely approximates what the real deal looks like. The sheet has enough panels for one plane and includes an extensive placement diagram to ensure you get every one in the proper place.

Well worth picking up and a real time saver to boot.

May 2017

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