Wolfpak Decals 32-002 'Gunfightin' Eagles'


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Scott Van Aken



For their second very large planes sheet, Wolfpak Decals has chosen the F-15 Strike Eagle. All of these options are painted overall Gunship Grey (FS 36118), though often times the radomes will be slightly different shades. For kits, the only true option is the Tamiya kit. Revell did one, but it is based on the prototype, which is actually an F-15B and will need a lot of work to bring it up to specs.

All these options are from the 366 TFW based at Mountain Home AFB in the wilds of Idaho.

First up is the 12th AF boss bird with the 391st FS in 2007. In common with the other options, you'll need to glean all the common markings from the kit.

Next is from the 391st FS from OEF back in 2001. This one sports a shark mouth, which adds some color.

The final option is an F-15SG with the 428th FS in 2009. This is one of the training aircraft with the Singapore Air Force as, like many nations, they do their training in the US where weather and space is not an issue. This last option will require a considerable amount of modification as the SG is different in both engines and airframe bits from US Strike Eagles. Wolfpak has provided a full listing of things that need to be changed as well as a source for any aftermarket bits you'll need to produce this variant.

The instruction sheet for this set is the best in the business when it comes to background information and what may be needed to accurately depict the aircraft being modeled. In addition to the actual placement profiles, there are several additional pages of information that include a history of the type,  as well as load-out information, and any changes needed to properly model the aircraft in question, assuring you of the most accurate model you can have. This also includes a full list of available aftermarket items that you can use to enhance the model.

Note that the instructions also provide step by step instructions on how to build the early version using the bits in the Trumpeter kit. There is also a listing of aftermarket bits available for the Trumpeter A-7D kit.

As with the previous sheets, these are superbly printed by Fantasy Printshop and without any registration problems. If you have not yet treated yourself to some of the best researched decals around, you should.

Thanks to WolfPak Decals for the review sample.

September 2014

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