Warbirds of Glory B-25J '8Z'

Units: 488 BG


$21.00 shipped in the US.


Scott Van Aken

This is a neat concept sheet for the Mitchell fan. Warbirds of Glory Museum in Michigan is restoring an ex-firebomber TB-25N in the markings of the 488th BS, a unit that operated out of Corsica in the last year of WWII in Europe.

The sheet provides the markings for not only the bomber being restored, but also has serials for three planes that operated with the 488th and had the 8Z tail markings. Not much is known about those with only one photo of 327537 as shown in the top image.

There are markings on the sheet in all three scales so it doesn't matter what scale is your favorite. Fortunately, there are very good kits of later war B-25Js available in all scales. The Cartograf printed sheet provide prop markings as well as other stencil and data markings. You also get insignia for the 1/72 and 1/48 plane, but there simply isn't room on the sheet for these in 1/32 scale.

So far, these are only available by e-mailing Ron Asman at  rasman@core.com Price for the sheet is $21.00 shipped in the US. I'm sure he will also ship overseas if you are so interested.

It is a great sheet and quite unusual as it represents an aircraft undergoing restoration. It is also a nice tribute to the 488th. If you are looking for something a bit different from the norm, this is it.

Thanks to Ron Asman for providing the review sheet. Get yours direct from the e-mail a few sentences above.

October 2017

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