Wingman Models Decals WMD 48002 IAF C2/C7 Kfirs




Kinetic and AMK 1/48 kits


Scott Van Aken

This is Wingman Models' second decal sheet and may well be the same as what is offered in their Kfir kit, but I do not know as I have not seen that kit. The instructions state that this is designed for the Kinetic and AMK kits and judging from the sheet itself, may well fit the old ESCI kit that has probably been reissued by Italeri some time in the past.

The large sheet is superbly printed by Cartograf so you know it will work as you want and react well to most setting solutions. A full set of data markings is included and the instructions devote a full page to their placement. There is even a smaller strip sheet that provides markings for the C2s that were at the Paris Air Show in 1977, complete with civil markings.

A note on camouflage. The C2 was originally painted in the four color camouflage scheme that was appropriate for ground attack missions, but this was only painted on a handful of aircraft. In addition to the Paris planes, only one other C2 is shown in this scheme from 1978 and with the big orange triangles. The rest of the fleet was painted in an F-16 type of two greys scheme more appropriate for the air superiority scheme starting in 1979. There are 13 markings options for the C2 provided in this scheme for the following units: First Fighter, Arava Guardians, Hornets, Smashing Parrots, and the Valley. In most cases, multiple options are shown as there were changes in unit markings and in the fonts of the numbers. The last C2 is shown in the later four color scheme with the more greyish green.

The C7s were pretty much ground attack planes from the beginning and five schemes are offered with the Arava Guardians squadron. These planes are all named and the set offers all of the various C7 names along with the appropriate aircraft code so you can do any of this units' planes.

In fact, if you have a photo or profile of a specific C2/C7 in IAF service, there are enough markings to allow any one of these planes to be modeled. It makes for a most complete sheet and the only one you will ever need for your 1/48 IAF Kfir. Available direct or from several on-line retailers.

January 2014

Review set courtesy of  Available from Squadron, Hannants, Lucky Model and Shop of Phantoms. 

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