War Eagle WED-027 for P-40N/F-6D




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Scott Van Aken


William Shomo's planes

This is a sheet I bought because I am stupid. What I really wanted were the little resin camera windows to do an F-6D and was willing to blow $6 to get them. In reality, the sheet itself isn't that great, though it is crisp and in register. Heck, there isn't that much to it and it is only about a third of the normal size. It is mostly insignia and numbers.

You are given decals to do three planes flown by Wm. Shomo, a.k.a. the Flying Undertaker, whose claim to fame is six (or was it seven) kills on a single day. The first is a very standard P-40N whose only distinguishing mark is the number 66 on the nose. There is no indication of any camera ports on it as Shomo basically flew armed recce birds.

The other two planes are F-6Ds, identical in nearly every way except that one has a yellow spinner that the other doesn't. The drawing of the other side (not shown) gives the location of two camera ports. There is no indication of what the third one is for.

BTW, you get three camera ports on the resin sliver that accompanies the sheet and they are fairly well done in that brownish-orange resin that many think is slightly substandard to the cream or white resin you normally see. Never used it so have no personal experience with it.

Anyway, there it is. I now have the camera ports I wanted and will have to do some research to find out what the third oval port is used for.

Purchased for you by me!

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