Victory Productions 48004: A-4 Skyhawk

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Scott Van Aken

Here is another great Victory Productions decal sheet. This time it covers A-4s in Vietnam. Two types are shown; the A-4C and A-4E. The suggested kit for this sheet are the Hasegawa family of Scooters, though they should fit those by Monogram, ESCI,  and Hobbycraft with a bit of fiddling in some cases.

There are ten subjects on the sheet, all of them in light gull grey over white. Not shown is a smaller sheet that has insignia, intake warning, and drop tank markings on it.

First is an A-4C from VA-94 aboard the USS Enterprise in mid 1966

Next is another A-4C from VA-144, in 1967 aboard the USS Kitty Hawk. This particular aircraft was shot down on a later cruise with VA-34.

From VA-216 comes this A-4C aboard the USS Hancock in 1966.

The final A-4C on the sheet is from VA-66 aboard the USS Intrepid in 1968/69. The rudder on this and other full color rudder markings will have to be painted.

All the rest are A-4Es with the first being from VA-72 aboard the USS Independence in 1965 and participated in one of the first USN Sam Suppression flights.

Next is a VA-46 plane from the USS Forrestal in 1967. This aircraft was lost during the Forrestal fire that was caused by a zuni going off during a ground static check and hitting another Skyhawk starting a chain reaction among the loaded air group that was preparing for a mission. In all 132 sailors died in that fire and the ship had to return home for repairs.

From VA-192 aboard the USS Ticonderoga  in April 1967 is this special Scooter flown by 'Iron Hand' expert LCDR Michael Estocin who won the Medal of Honor for two of these flights in which he continued to fly his mortally wounded plane against these dangerous targets. Though posthumously awarded, it is the only MOH given to a Naval aviator for actions performed in combat during the Vietnam War.

This VA-163 Skyhawk from the USS Oriskany was the mount of CAG CDR James Stockdale in 1965 when he was shot down and started 7 years of captivity. He was later awarded the MOH for his actions in captivity.

Next is a VA-86 plane from the USS Independence in 1965, the only combat cruise for this unit.

Finally, the original 'Lady Jessie'  from VA-164 aboard the USS Oriskany in 1967.

As with the other Victory Productions sheet, this one has a superb markings placement guide as well as an excellent historical section on each aircraft on the sheet. No fancy CAG birds, but all aircraft with an interesting historical background. If you like the Skyhawk, then this is the decal sheet that you should have in your collection.

Thanks to Victory Models for the review sheet. You can find this and other products by visiting their website.

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