MAW Decals 48-MAW008:Formation Lights

Units: Many


$9.99 direct from MAW Decals


Scott Van Aken


This is one of those 'accessory' sheets that often come in so handy. In this case these are formation or 'slime' lights. The sheets include lights that are fitted for multiple types and you get what appears to be two sets for each aircraft type.

Naturally, these are for USMC types, though can be used on the same planes used by what some look upon as the 'lesser' services.

The types include A-6E/EA-6B, AV-8B, CH-53, CH-46, UH-1N, AH-1W, F-18D, and the F-4 Phantom. I would caution the use of these on some types that were used prior to about 1972 or so (like the Phantom) as these were not in use much before that, though I'm not positive just when they came into widespread use.

The sheet includes full color placement guides and you'll note that the more modern ones include the IR strips as well.

Overall a fine sheet and my thanks to MAW Decals for the review sample. You can get yours direct from the link above. Free shipping in US. International orders e-mail them at for rates.

July 2007

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