Ventura Decals V3283: P-40M/N Warhawk
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Scott Van Aken


A while back, I was looking for a set of aftermarket decals for a 1/32 P-40N. My search didn't turn up very much, but one set caught my eye and that was this one from Ventura. This company is out of New Zealand and been producing decals for a very long time, perhaps longer than anyone else.

This sheet has four options. Three are P-40Ns with the fourth an M model. Three of them are also from the RAAF, which made extensive use of the type in the southwest Pacific.

The first option is 'Boss's Hoss' of the 3rd Chinese-American Composite Wing during 1944. Like most of the options on this set, it is in olive drab over neutral grey. In addition to the large sharkmouth, it has a white spinner tip.

Next up is 'Angry Bee' from 80 Squadron RAAF. This plane has white wing leading edges and a full white tail section, that covers the serial. A small section of the fin tip is in black.

From 78 Squadron is 'Watch My Form' also with the white SWPA markings. In this case, the spinner is in blue and white.

The final option is a P-40M from 86 Squadron. This is in medium green and dark earth over light sky blue.

The instructions are nicely done and provide a few photos of the various subjects. For kits, the only ones of which I am aware are by Hasegawa and Trumpeter. Most modelers will go for the Hasegawa option assuming they can find one that doesn't require a bank loan to buy. The decals themselves are apparently quite thin as the instructions offer a warning about proper application.

March 2023

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