Ventura 7272: P-51 Mustangs

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Scott Van Aken

It seems that over time, Ventura went from doing sheets with many options to those that only had a few. I don't have many sheets from this company, but the later ones only have a couple of options where the early ones seemed to have quite a few.

This sheet covers two Mustangs. One is a P-51B that was force landed in Swiss territory during July of 1944. It was painted in the rather garish Swiss neutrality scheme and extensively tested by the Swiss. No Swiss serial was applied to the plane. The builder will have to paint the white nose and some of the wing and fuselage white areas. Actually, it would probably have been better to offer just the insignia in a nice, dense white and let the builder paint the stripes as I doubt that the decals will really end up looking as nice as using paint. In fact, the sheet tells us to paint under the decals so that the red will be all the same shade!

The other is a P-51D from 1 Sq (Auckland)  of the RNZAF Territorial Air Force. This is the same as the Reserves or National Guard in the US and offered 'retired' pilots the chance to do some flying. It also gave New Zealand a chance to put some hours on all those Mustangs they bought from the US at bargain prices after the war ended. The instructions state the airframe was aluminum lacquer aside from the natural metal spinner.

September 2007

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