Ventura 7209: Various Commonwealth

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Scott Van Aken

While I'm pretty sure that Ventura is still around, it may well be that this sheet is not. I have a number of their earlier sheets that include this one. There is not specific subject for this sheet aside from all being Commonwealth single engine prop aircraft of the late 40s and early 1950s.

The first subject is the Sea Fury TT.20 trainer. This was the first production trainer and is basically overall silver. No yellow wing bands as of yet.

Next is a Seafire 15 from 801 squadron in late 1945 aboard the HMS Implacable. Standard FAA color scheme with a white spinner.

A Canadian Seafire XV of 803 squadron comes up third, also in standard FAA colors, though they seem lighter in the reference given.

The Harvard II is from the Royal New Zealand AF at attached to 2 SFTS. It is painted in Dark Green/Dark Earth over Yellow with yellow upper wing bands and yellow 'boxes' on the fuselage side.

Finally, a Sea Fury FB.11 from the RAAN in 1956. This 805 Squadron plane is in Extra Dark Sea Grey over Sky with a black spinner.

The early Ventura markings I've used have proved to be colorful but rather brittle. Not sure how these are in that regard. I notice that the blue on several of the roundels has smeared either into the white center or on the outside edges. Fortunately, these sorts of things are easy enough to find on replacement roundel sheets.

Perhaps not your cup of tea, but I like these multi-subject sheets and it is well worth seeking.

August 2007

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