Tasman V 7205

Units: various


production status unknown


Scott Van Aken

Back about 20-25 years ago, I was scarfing up decal sheets like no one's business. Especially if they were of subjects I thought I'd like doing. And so it was that I bought this Tasman sheet. Now I have to say that I'm a tad confused as to whether or not Tasman and Ventura are the same people or not. Their sheets are never numbered the same, and they look very much alike in terms of layout of the instructions, and they both have Wellington, NZ post office boxes.

Anyway this particular sheet allows eight different aircraft to be modeled and while there is no specific look to things, most subjects have a nautical flavor to them. The sheet only offers unique markings and things like insignia and most data markings will have to come from the spares bin, kit decals or other aftermarket sheets.

First up is one of the F-4 Phantom II prototypes with the original nose, canopy and intakes in the 'Top Flight' record breaking colors. It set an altitude record of 98,000 feet in 1959. Actually, the intakes are wrong and should be the later versions.

#2 is an F3H Demon in the markings of VF-61 'Jolly Rogers'.

A very nice Mirage IIID of 2 OCU RAAF is next.

From the RCN is an F2H-3 of VF-870 and while it doesn't look like it, the camo is EDSG over Sky.

An RF-8G from VFP-306, the reserve unit at NAS Miramar is the fifth option.

Another early F4H-1 is next in the 'Sageburner' low level speed record markings as assigned to VF-101. It still has the short canopy and a small nose, but the upgraded intakes. It set a low level speed record of 903 mph in 1961. During this run, the aircraft had to stay below 100 feet AGL.

The seventh option is an F4U-1D of the RNZAF with a white 'Corsair' marking applied specifically for a late 1940's air show.

The final option is an FJ-1 Fury from the NAS Oakland reserve unit.

Today, there are injected kits for some of these options that could only be found as vacuforms, including the Demon, later Banshee, and FJ-1. I think that the two seat Mirage is part of the PJ Production line-up of resin kits. Still no injected early F-4A, or RF-8, though Falcon and Ventura do/did make conversions. Also, the white markings are barely visible against the ivory background of the sheet.

Thought you might like to know what was done.

September 2007

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