Aviation USK 7202 for He-219A

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Scott Van Aken

This particular sheet from Aviation USK covers four different He-219s. The 219 is not a plane that has had a lot of coverage in terms of aftermarket sheets so this one helps to take care of that anomaly. As with other Aviation USK decals, it is superbly printed and the sheet is under a single carrier so the markings will have to be cut out.

Before getting into the markings themselves, I should mention the instructions. On this and other sheets, there is quite a bit of information on not only the individual aircraft but also on the kits available. For instance, on the He-219, there are basically two kits that can be used. According to the instructions, the Revell kit is cruder but more accurate in outline than the more detailed but slightly inaccurate Dragon version. The painting and decal placement guides are also first rate as both sides, the top and bottom view are given for each aircraft.

Each of the four planes is in some combination of RLM 76 with RLM 75 mottlings of various sizes and intensity.

The first plane is G9+TH from 1./NJG 1 in early 1945. This aircraft has large segments of black for the undersides and half-way up the fuselage. The tails are also black with one stab having a replacement panel. The overall appearance is very worn and dirty.

From 3./NJG 3 is D5+CL. Most He-219s flew with NJG 1, though this one was sent to Norway to help knock down British intruders. It is in a less dense pattern of RLM 75 mottle than most He-219s.

Next is another 1./NJG 1 plane, G9+DH. This one crashed in late 1944 and is covered with small mottlings that cover the upper surfaces and all of the outside of the fin/rudder.

Finally, from 2./NJG 1 is G9+DK. It is a preproduction plane and in addition to its larger, more sparse mottling, it has the underside of the right wing and nacelle painted black as a recognition marking.

All in all, four very nice markings choices for your next 1/72 He-219.

Review sheet courtesy of the fine folks at Aviation USK Nebraska. Thank you for your support.

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