Aviation USK 4001 for P-51D Mustang

Units: 375 FS/361 FG




Scott Van Aken

This is a neat little sheet from Aviation USK. It provides basically the unique markings for a single aircraft, the kit decals being used for all the common ones like the insignia and data markings.  As with other Aviation USK decal sheets, it is superbly printed and covered by a single carrier so you will have to carefully trim those markings from the sheet before application.

The aircraft depicted is the plane of Bob Farney of the 375th FS/361st FG in the Spring of 1945. The aircraft carries the pilots three kills on the port side along with the name 'Croghan Cruiser'. On the starboard side of the nose is 'Waverly Democrat'. The aircraft is in bare metal with black ID stripes on the wings and tail planes. The nose is yellow and dark blue is used on the canopy frame, wing tips, rudder and around the guns. There is a short section of OD anti-glare panel as well. This should make for a colorful aircraft and it will be one that you don't see on the contest tables every day.

Review sheet courtesy of the fine folks at Aviation USK Nebraska. Thank you for your support.

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