Uncle Bill's Hobby A-10 Warthog

Units: 190FS, Idaho ANG


$5.00 at Uncle Bill's Hobby


Scott Van Aken

Note: Available in 1/48 ($8) and 1/32 ($10) postage paid


The folks at Uncle Bill's Hobby are really into the 190FS, Idaho ANG. Because of that, they have done a sheet for the unit's current A-10 Warthogs. The sheet is superbly printed and covers three of their aircraft, one from each flight. Current A-10s are painted in a two tone grey scheme that is quite similar to that of when the aircraft first entered service in the late 1970s. This time, the colors are Dark Ghost Grey FS 36320 and Light Ghost Grey FS 36375. ANG aircraft are usually in very good condition compared to their USAF contemporaries and so should not show that much wear and tear. These aircraft also have false canopies on the underside of the aircraft. That is not provided as a decal, however a mask outline is provided on the instruction sheet so that you can copy it and then paint it on the model.

The decals are very well printed and there are enough markings to complete two of the three aircraft. I almost hate to point this out, but I found a small glitch on the sheet and that is in terms of the serial numbers. A-10s have not only the fin serials, but the serials painted just below the windscreen and just above the air refueling door. The one on the nose is generally the serial minus the first digit. For instance, if the aircraft serial is 78-0691, as in the first plane, then it will be on the fin as 79-691 (omitting the '0') and painted on the nose as 90691 (omitting the '7').  However, on the first and last plane, the nose numbers are 90218 and 90624 which is definitely a glitch as the serials on those planes are 80-0218 and 78-0624. That should make the nose numbers 00218 and 80624 respectively. You'll need to fix those in order to be totally accurate. Not a really big deal in 1/72 as the decals are small and may not be noticed by the casual observer.

Regardless of this small glitch, the sheet is superb and one that you really should consider picking up. The cost is low and the price includes shipping, a real bargain in today's market. These sheets are only available from Uncle Bill's Hobby, 2601 Centre Street N, Calgary , Alberta, T2E 2V3, Canada.

Review sheet courtesy Uncle Bill's Hobby.  Thanks for your support

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