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Techmod 48-024 for 145 Sq Spitfires




145 Sq

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Scott Van Aken


Part of 'Aces Gallery'


This is a most unusual decal sheet from what I have normally seen. Unusual in that it is for the same type of aircraft from the same unit. The sheet offers four different aircraft and enough common markings and insignia to build one of them. All of the aircraft are Spitfire IXc. Interestingly, the suggested aircraft is the Tamiya Spitfire IXc. This is something new to me as I did not know that Tamiya does one. In fact, as of this writing (January, 2001) the only recent Spit IX kits available are from ICM and Ocidental, neither one of which has received sparkling reviews.

The decals themselves are superbly done. I have used Techmod decals before and am most impressed with them. They are crystal clear and very thin. You need to take special care in applying large or long decals to be sure they don't fold on themselves or tear.

The sheet provides a full stencil suite as well as a small supplemental sheet to correct what appears to be overly large fin flashes.

The instruction sheet is in full color for all the aircraft that are being modeled. As you can see, they are all in the desert scheme of  dark earth and midstone over azure blue. A very attractive scheme. Full stencil placement data is on the back side of the sheet along with a color chart and the fourth aircraft. A full set of references is also given. 

It looks like a superb sheet and one that should be very well received by those who like Spits and desert schemes.

You can get this sheet from AirConnection. See the link below.

Review sheet courtesy of Air Connection

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