Thundercals 48-007: Burma Banshees

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Thundercals decals are not released all that often, but when they are, they provide markings that are not really available anywhere else. This is their seventh sheet and is for aircraft from the 80th Fighter Group, based in India and later in Burma, the group flew the P-40N until they started to convert to the P-47 in mid-1944. Of the four squadrons attached to the group, three flew P-40/P-47s while the fourth flew the P-38. This new sheet provides markings for five natural metal early P-47D Thunderbolts. While the recommended kit is the Tamiya offering, these markings will also work with the Hasegawa, Monogram and Otaki kits Note that all the bands and forward cowling will need to be painted by the modeler. Same with the olive drab anti-glare panel.

The first option is the group commander's plane from June 1944. This plane is the only one with the skull markings on the cowling. It also has a forward cowling in red, blue, and white segments. It has the C.E. symmetrical prop.

Next is 'Frankie's Turbo' with the C.E. asymmetrical prop. It sports a red forward cowling as did all aircraft with the 89th Fighter Squadron.

#50 is 'Burma Yank' also with the 89th fighter squadron. This plane has the C.E. symmetrical prop. Note that all planes have the squadron badge on both sides of the fuselage.

#58 is 'Miss Flash'/We Dood it Again' with the 89th. This aircraft has an Aeroproduct's prop.

Finally, #85 'Bunny Dunny'/Lady Esther' with the 90th FS and the blue forward cowling.

The decals are superbly printed by Cartograf, provide insignia for three planes and common markings for one. You can get additional stencils from Thundercals by visiting their web site. This is a superb set for the T-bolt fan and very much worth picking up.

Here is an image of one of the options used on a model.

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