Thundercals 48-005: Thunderbolt National Insignia type 4 and Data Decals part 1

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Scott Van Aken


This is Thundercals' fifth sheet and I have to say, I think this one will get a lot of use from fans of the type. There is no indication as to what kit these are sized for, but from the look of it, just about any 1/48 Thunderbolt should do. I'm sure that most modelers will be using this set on the Tamiya kit as it is considered to be the best of the bunch in this scale.

So what you get on the sheet are a lot of items. There are two full standard sized decal sheets in this set. They include a number of insignia of different sizes including several for use on the fuselage around the intercooler exhaust doors on the side as well as upper and lower wing markings. The very large underwing insignia used by some is also included. You also get flap warning markings, gun numbers, Flap indicators, strut data placards, and engine data plates.

The Thunderbolt used a rather extensive variety of propellers during its production life: seven if one is counting. This set includes both prop data decals, manufacturer's decals, and the yellow tip markings. These tip markings are not all the same as earlier props had thin yellow stripes below the bigger tip marking.

The decals ar superbly printed by Cartograf and you are provided with complete color instructions, including some photos. A very worthwhile sheet for the P-47 fan. November 2015

December 2016


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