Thundercals 48-004 Razorback Thunderbolts: PTO part 4

Units: 318 FG


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Scott Van Aken

This is Thundercals fourth sheet and every one has been great. They have also concentrated on Pacific theater Thunderbolts, an area frequently overlooked by most. This particular set has six options for five aircraft. Just to get some basics down before going into each plane, there are two units covered; the 19th and 333rd FS. The 19th has blue cowl flaps, blue tail bands and unpainted metal cowls, tails and stabs. The 333rd has a yellow forward cowling along with unpainted mtal tails and yellow tail bands and fuselage bands. Most planes are OD over Neutral grey where the airframe is painted. All these planes were based on Saipan during 1944. All planes have the wing tips in the squadron color with the 19th also having blue around the horizontal stab roots.

OK, so the first is 'G NEE' or 'Jeannie' with the 19th. This plane was flown by the squadron CO.

Next is Dan'l Boone. This plane in in unpainted metal with a black anti glare panel and canopy surround. This plane was later painted with more yellow around the nose art and a black or fresh OD tail. The areas behind the exhaust were painted black all the way to the tail.

'Smokepole' is a 19th FS plane with the usual markings for that squadron. Note that the prop spinner on all 19th FS planes was also blue.

The second 333rd FS plane is 'Cockpit Trouble/Rascal'. All 333FS planes had a yellow prop spinner.

FInally, 'Big Squaw' with the 19th FS. This unit marked its air to air victories (and there were not all that many' with pineapples.

There are enough data markings for at least one plane and you'll note that you get a lot of insignia. This group placed its insignia behind the intercooler outlet doors so no need to split decals. The decals are superbly printed by Cartograf. The markings are designed for the Tamiya kit, but should fit the Hasegawa or Monogram kit without any issues.

Well worth obtaining if you like the T-bolt and tire of the usual decal options.

November 2015


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