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Three Guys Replicas 1/72 
Tuskegee Airmen in Italy




332 FG

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Scott Van Aken


P-40F/ P-39Q/ P-51B/ P-51D
Sheet also available in 1/48 (TGR48017)

I have always liked decal sheets that offer a number of different aircraft in addition to some interesting decal schemes. Having used TGR sheets on other kits, I knew that these would be well done. It also is nice that this sheet covers some US Mediterranean units and the 332nd FG. For some reason, the Italian campaign has not been particularly well covered by decal makers. Perhaps because it isn't that well known, or because there was not the focus on the area. This sheet goes to correct some of those omissions.

As many of you may or may not know, the 332nd was a fully segregated fighter group made entirely of black American aviators. It is difficult for many in today's US culture to realize how poorly treated a large segment of its population was treated during WWII. This unit was a first for the USAAF and was balked at almost every turn. However, once it entered combat, its record was one of, if not the best in the USAAF.

This sheet covers six aircraft and four different types. Being 1/72, there are is enough room on the sheet to cover all the markings needed to build all 6 aircraft shown. There are also models of all but the P-40F readily available.

The first aircraft, 'Ace of Pearls' is the P-40F from the 99th FS. It is in typical British desert paint of sand and dark earth with azure undersides.

The P-39Q, 'Quanto Costa' is in OD upper and neutral grey undersides. This 100FS aircraft is a hand-me-down from another unit and carries markings from that unit. You can use the Heller or Academy kit for this one.

A 302 FS P-51B, 'Alice Jo' is next with three kills and with a red tail, as are the other Mustangs in the sheet. There are kits from Monogram, Airfix, and Hasegawa that will fill the bill on this and the next kit. Today, the 302FS is a USAF Reserve unit from Luke AFB, Arizona that flies F-16C Falcons.

'Topper III' is a 99FS  P-51B. This aircraft sports 4 kills, the most of any single pilot in the unit.

P-51D 'Creamer's Dream' sports a single kill marking but probably the most interesting artwork. This is from the 301st FS. The best kit for just about any P-51D in 1/72 is probably the new Tamiya kit, though there are kits from Hasegawa, Airfix and Academy which will do just as well. Here is a look at this set of markings on the Tamiya 1/72 Mustang.

Finally, is 'Dutchess Arlene' with two kills from the 100th FS. All aircraft carry yellow wing bands which are given as part of the sheet. The red tails and red spinners will have to be painted.

The 1/48 sheet includes all the unique markings and enough insignia for several planes, but you'll have to paint the red and yellow bands in addition to the other red bits.

Review copy courtesy of Three Guys Replicas

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