Three Guys Replicas TGR 48019

Units: In Enemy Hands Pt 2




Scott Van Aken

One thing that doesn't get a lot of decal work are captured aircraft. Some folks just don't see them as viable modeling subject for some reason. Perhaps it is because they are generally unarmed and painted in 'odd' schemes. I don't know. Anyway, this sheet is dedicated to two aircraft.

One is a Bf-109E-3 captured during the Battle of France. It goes through several scheme/markings changes and they are all given on this sheet. This 109 ended its days at Wright Field in 1943 and was undoubtedly reduced to component parts.

The other is an He-111H-23 captured after the war's end and given the usual gaudy scheme that US personnel often gave to captured enemy planes. The Heinkel was used as a transport for jaunts around Europe and when the 56 FG returned to the US, it was given to the British, who now have it displayed at the RAF Museum, though in more normal colors!

As is often the case with TGR decals, there are photos accompanying the instructions and full color and placement guides.

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