Three Guys Replicas 48015 for P-47N

Units: 318th  / 507th FG




Scott Van Aken

Note: These same markings are available in 1/72 on sheet  TGR 72009

When the Academy and later ProModeler P-47Ns were released, it encouraged a number of decal makers to provide decals for them. As you might guess, there are small differences in the two kits so the markings made specifically for one won't perfectly fit the other. There is no indication as to which kit this sheet is designed, however the only 'problem' area will be the tail stripes and those are easy enough to 'adjust' with either paint or black decal stripe.

The first plane on the list is 'Red E Ruth' of the 19th FS/318th FG. It is in the old markings with the blue tail tip and cowl areas.

Next is 'They Satisfy' with blue cowl markings and the later 318th group tail markings. No squadron is given, but I'd be willing to bet that it is 19th because of the blue markings.

'Sack Happy' is the next one and from the 73rd FS. It is one of the few P-47Ns to have actually gotten an air to air kill.

Finally, from the 463rd FS/507 FG, is Chautauqua with the yellow tail and sporting two confirmed kills. There is an addendum sheet added with a black background for this plane that is not shown on the instructions. No other info is provided for this background.

All of them have cool nose art so choosing between them will not be easy!

Review sheet courtesy Three Guys Replicas

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