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Scott Van Aken


The Airacobra is a plane that one generally does not think about when it comes to WWII fighters. Probably that is due to the lack of air to air success that the plane had. Frankly, it wasn't a high altitude fighter and in US service, got most of its glory from ground attack. It was in Russian hands that the Airacobra did well against enemy aircraft. In Russia, combat took place much closer to the ground and Soviet pilots were able to use both the heavy armament and the planes fine handling qualities to good use against the Luftwaffe.

This sheet came out before the Eduard Airacobra so the recommended kit is the Monogram version. However, it should fit the Eduard one just as well. Unless noted, all planes are in OD uppers and Neutral Grey lowers.

First aircraft is an ex-USAAF plane transferred from the 332nd FG to the Italian AF. It keeps the US nose art, but has Italian roundels and other markings.

Next is 'Sad Sack' from the 72nd FS on Makin Island in 1944.

A most unusually painted P-39, 'Texas Ed' is from the 46 FS. It is painted a tan upper with a light blue under surface.

'Texas Ed II' is a bit more 'normal' with the upper tan over-painted in OD. A nice door art figure has been added.

'Snooks 2nd' is one of William Shomo's planes from the New Guinea campaign and has the white tail and white wing leading edges from that theater.

Finally, 'Annie: Tojo's Lorelei' is the final aircraft and is rather nondescript other than the name on the nose.

As with all TGR sheets, this one has full markings information for you to do a most accurate model.

Please note that the sheet may look a bit short as I'll often crop off common markings to save on server space.

Review sheet courtesy Three Guys Replicas

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