Three Guys Replicas 48011 for the Buccaneer

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Scott Van Aken

The Buccaneer was a low level strike aircraft, originally developed for the Royal Navy and later also used by the RAF. It was later replaced in service by the Tornado GR versions. This particular sheet has all Royal Navy planes plus one for the only other country to operate the type; South Africa.

The initial plane is in the early Extra Dark Sea Grey (EDSG) over white scheme and is from 801 Squadron (which I believe now flies Sea Harriers).

From 800 Squadron is this overall EDSG version. It has the full color roundels as does the following plane from 801 Squadron.

The final RN plane is from 809 Squadron with the later red/blue roundels. Many of these planes were fitted with wing 'slipper' tanks to increase range.

The last aircraft on the sheet is from 24 SQ SAAF. This one is painted in dark sea grey with PRU blue undersurfaces. Areas around the tail cone and cockpit are flat black.

The only available kit in 1/48 for the Bucc is the Airfix kit.

Not shown are the two styles of RAF roundels and a sectional sheet of under wing serial numbers.

Review sheet courtesy Three Guys Replicas

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