Three Guys Replicas 48007 for P-51A/F-6A

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Scott Van Aken

Here is another fine sheet for the early Mustang. This one starts off with an F-6A photo recon bird from 225 Squadron RAF as used in Tunisia in 1943. It is marked in the desert scheme of Dark Earth and Middlestone over Azure Blue. A colorful plane when compared to the usual OD and Neutral Grey of the other subjects.

Next is a presentation Mustang called the 'Spirit of Universal'. It has an IFF wire from the fuselage to the tips of the tail planes as was carried by Spitfires.

The same plane is shown a year later with the presentation markings and IFF removed. It is now the famous 'Jackie' of ace JJ. England n the CBI while with the 530 FS.

Finally, 'Sis II' of the 311 FG in India during 1943.

Four interesting choices for your next AM Allison Mustang.

Review sheet courtesy Three Guys Replicas

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