Three Guys Replicas TGR 48006: A-36/P-51A

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Scott Van Aken

Soon after Accurate Miniatures released their early Mustangs, TGR produced this sheet (dated 1995, I might add). As many of you may know, the very early Accurate Miniatures decals were a tough lot and stuck well, but did not conform to the panel lines as many would have hoped. AM kits also came with only one decal option.

This sheet has four of these early Mustangs (well actually three, but read on). The first two are the same plane at various times in its life. This A-36 is a 527 FBS plane from Algeria in June of 1943 and would be in pristine shape. 60 missions later, it looked like the second plane and was a lot more weathered!

Next is an A-36 from the 27th FBG in Italy during 1944. It has a mission tally of 150, so would be quite worn. All of these above A-36s would be in OD over neutral grey. Before I get letters, I know that the A-36 was called the Apache, but to most of us, it is still a Mustang.

The final aircraft is a P-51A based at Wright Patterson for flight testing. Devoid of camouflage, 'Slick Chick' would have been kept nice and clean and perhaps even polished.

If you have an early 'stang and have not built it for lack of aftermarket decals, you really have no excuse left!

Review sheet courtesy Three Guys Replicas

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