Three Guys Replicas TGR 48-003
for A-20G/P-70A

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Scott Van Aken

Douglas did well when it developed the A-20/Boston/Havoc/P-70 series of aircraft. It had a medium bomber that was not only able to carry a decent payload, but it had good range and was relatively fast. Probably its only drawback was that it was not in any sense of the word a high altitude aircraft. It took it an age to get to altitude and while that is OK for a medium bomber, it wasn't for the night fighter they tried to make it. However, it was really the only airframe that was available from US builders until the P-61 came on the scene. Because of its lethargic climb response and relatively slow speed at altitude, it was not very successful and destroyed only a handful of Japanese planes who blundered into the path of its guns!

The advent of the AMT series of 1/48 A-20 variants was well received, at least by this modeler and several others. At last a really good kit of this important medium bomber. The initial A-20G was followed by an A-20 B/C, then an A-20J and finally the P-70A. While they are not perfect, they do build well with minimal fuss. There are sufficient aftermarket bits to take care of the glitches for those who wish to use them.

This particular sheet covers two A-20Gs and two P-70As. The dark blue on this sheet was misregistered and it affected the red-surround national insignia. However, none of the other decals on the sheet have any problems. All of the planes are in OD over neutral grey, though there are some differences.

First off is a P-70A-2 of the 348th NFS from Florida. This version is from an early A-20G which requires the A-20B/C fuselage. The underside of the wings, horizontal stabs and rudder are in gloss black.

From the 312th BG is 'Miss Pam'. This A-20G has a large nose art inside a red heart. It also carries a rather impressive mission tally.

ALso from the 312th BG is 'Old S' with an even more impressive mission tally. This A-20G also has a freshly painted rudder and is equipped with zero length rocket rails; a field modification that is probably unique to the A-20.

Finally another 248th NFS P-70A. This one is base on a later A-20 and like the earlier P-70 is unarmed. Not sure about the turret still being there, but it does add some interest.

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