Three Guys Replicas GS48003

Units: Tarheel Ace part 2




Scott Van Aken

This is the second sheet devoted to ace George Preddy. The first sheet carried some of his more commonly modeled planes. This one includes some variations on the well-known markings as well as his Thunderbolt and his brother's plane.

The Thunderbolt was a P-47D-5-RE in the standard OD over neutral grey with white nose and tail bands. It is in this plane that he scored his first confirmed kills.

Next two markings are for variants in two of his Mustangs. As is often the case, certain required markings were added or deleted from planes and these schemes show those variations.

The last aircraft is the P-51K flown by his brother in the 339th FG.

These TGR sheets are especially well researched and based on known photographs as well as conversations with crewmembers and squadron buddies. In fact, TGR has an Authenticity Guarantee with these sheets, something a bit unusual with decal sheets!

Review sheet courtesy Three Guys Replicas

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