Three Guys Replicas GS48002

Units: Tarheel Ace part 1




Scott Van Aken

This is the first of two parts covering the aircraft of WWII Ace  George E. Preddy, Jr. Because of the way the instructions sheet is, you won't see the typical set of profiles. Instead, I have scanned the back sheet that shows the majority of the markings on the sheet. As with any good decal sheet, options are given where there is contradictory information. That allows the modeler to make a choice of what they think should be the correct one.

There are markings for five aircraft on this sheet. The first two are for his P-40E 'Tarheel' when Preddy was with the 49th FG in northern Australia April-July 1942. A mid-air collision sent him to the hospital in the US.

He later joined the 352nd FG in April of 1944. The other three markings are for one P-51B and two P-51Ds, all of them bearing the 'Cripes a'Mighty' name. Each of them had unique font and design to them. All of the Mustangs are in natural metal with aluminum painted wings and the group's blue nose. This sheet contains the most commonly seen markings of  Preddy's aircraft including the one in which he was shot down by a US Army M16 quad-fifty halftrack the day after Christmas, 1944 while chasing an Fw-190.

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