Techmod 72808: PzKw VI Tiger ausf E (early)

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Scott Van Aken

Nice to see some sheets for small scale armor and this one by Techmod covers a goodly number of vehicles. I didn't see a recommended kit, but I do know that there are several very nice ones out there by Revell AG and Hasegawa to name just a couple.

There are three major camo schemes involved with the vehicles on this sheet. The first are basically panzer grey with panzer yellow painted over it in a disruptive scheme. The second are those with winter white camo and the final batch are in Panzer Yellow with disruptive schemes in brown and/or green. Since often times these additional colors were added with a brush, it makes it easy to duplicate on your model. Without further ado, here are the tanks that are provided with the division in parentheses:

  1. #823 from 'Das Reich', Russia 1943, grey with yellow

  2. #405 from 'LSSAH', Kharkov 1943, grey with yellow

  3. #411 from the same unit and place, grey with yellow

  4. #821 from 'Das Reich', Nepertyaja 1943, grey with white wash

  5. #911 from  'Totenkopf', Russia 1943, yellow with brown and green

  6. #1331 from 'LSSAH', Russia 1943, yellow with brown

  7. #833 from 'Das Reich' Russia 1943, grey with yellow

  8. #812 from 'Das Reich', Russia 1943, grey with yellow

  9. #S04 from 'LSSAH', Russia 1944, yellow with white wash. This is one of Michael Wittman's tanks

  10. #S14 from 'LSSAH', Russia 1943, yellow with brown and green.

As you may know, all of these tanks were with SS Panzer Grenadier units. The SS units always had the latest equipment

The decals themselves are superbly printed and appear quite thin. I only hope they expand the range to include 1/48 scale for those great Tamiya kits.

June 2006

Review copy courtesy of  Adalbertus, Techmod sole export representative

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