Techmod 72806: Tiger I ausf E (mid production)

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Scott Van Aken

Here is the second Tiger I sheet from Techmod, this time concentrating on the mid-production model. This sheet recommends an Academy kit, but I've not heard of one in this scale. There are Tigers by Revell AG and Hasegawa in 1/72.  All of these tanks have a basic panzer yellow color with either brown, green, or white over the top. Most have zimmerit.

Here is what is on this sheet:

  1. Rome 1944 with the 508th S.P.; green blotches

  2. Tarnapol 1944 with the 507th S.P.; brown blotches

  3. Normandy 1944 with the 101st SS panzers; green and brown bands

  4. Same unit/place as above with green and brown blotches

  5. Ukraine 1944 with the 506 S.P. in a white winter camo

  6. Russia early 1944 with the 501 S.P., also in a winter camo

  7. 508 S.P at Anzio in 1944; brown bands with green blotches

  8. Ukraine early 1944 with 506 S.P., also with winter camo

  9. 101 SS panzer with green and brown thin bands Belgium 1944

  10. Same unit and place as above with smaller green and brown bands

  11. 501 S.P. in Russia, early 1944 with a winter camo

That's 11 different options and all can be used from this sheet. The schemes are superbly drawn so you should have fun with this one.

June 2006

Review copy courtesy of  Adalbertus, Techmod sole export representative

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