Techmod 72042: Typhoon Ib

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Scott Van Aken

Scaling down the recent 1/32 sheet, this one has markings for four aircraft, the majority of which are in the standard European camouflage scheme with Sky spinners and fuselage bands. I'm not that well up on the 1/72 kits available, but I believe that Academy and Airfix are the main options.

First up is a 257 Sq Typhoon from August of 1943. It has the black and white bands under the wings to keep it from being confused with the FW-190.

In a desert scheme is an unknown aircraft from early 1943. Something a bit different from the norm.

The third option is from 187 Sq in June of 1943. This one is named 'Doreen' and sports a clover leaf on its otherwise standard set of markings.

Finally, a white nosed 486 Sq aircraft from December 1942. This one just has the black stripes on the lower surface. All the European camo'd planes also have a yellow stripe on the upper wings.

The decals themselves are superbly printed and appear quite thin. Instructions are in full color and well detailed so no problems placing the markings. There are sufficient insignia and stripes to do one aircraft.

June 2006

Review copy courtesy of  Adalbertus, Techmod sole export representative

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