Techmod 32021, Typhoon Ib

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Scott Van Aken

One rarely sees decal sheets for the 1/32 Typhoon; probably because there is only one kit that I'm aware of that can use this sheet and that is the old Revell kit. I've  not seen this in a while and it is also possible that Trumpeter or someone else is issuing a new kit. Regardless, this sheet covers seven different aircraft, most of which are in the European scheme with sky spinners and fuselage bands. All of the aircraft seem to have the tail section reinforcements.

First if from 195 Squadron in June 1943 with the black and white under wing ID marks and yellow upper wing stripe. This was done to keep from confusing the plane with the FW-190.

Next is a 486 Squadron plane from December 1942. It has the white nose that was sometimes applied. The under wing stripes are only in black.

A 609 Sq aircraft from March 1943 is next. It has a red band to the back half of the spinner and 'standard' Typhoon stripes.

There are two 175 Sq options; one from August 1943 and the other from earlier in the year. Both standard markings.

The last European camo aircraft is from 181 Squadron in June 1943.

The final offering is an unknown unit in North Africa during early 1943. This plane is in desert camo with the required red spinner. A good option for those who don't like stripes!

The sheet is superbly done and appears to be quite thin. A full set of data markings are included for one plane. The instructions are first-rate with full color painting guides and a comprehensive data markings sheet. If your hobby shop doesn't stock Techmod sheets, ask for them to order them for you.

June 2006

Review copy courtesy of  Adalbertus, Techmod sole export representative

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