Techmod 72107 Dornier Do-17Z
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Scott Van Aken

The Do-17Z was one of the three major medium bomber types used by the Luftwaffe during WWII, especially in the early years of the conflict. Modelers have had a variety of kits available of this aircraft from the early 1970s onward. The most recent kit produced was by Airfix and is undoubtedly the major choice of most modelers, but there are others by Monogram, Frog and others which can still be made into nice models.

This particular sheet provides options for eight aircraft, and common markings for one. However, you can use kit decals if they are still viable and there are aftermarket sheets for insignia. All of these options are basically the standard bomber splinter scheme of RLM 70/71/65.

First up are a pair of planes from KG 3 based in Belgium in 1940. One of these planes has a white band on the fin and right wing that was used for formation flying.

Next is a III./KG3 plane based in East Prussia during September 1939.

Number four is a 10(Croat)./KG3 aircraft in Russia during 1941, hence the upper surface white winter scheme.

The next two options are from 9./KG 76 in France during July 1940 and differ by sircraft number.

Finally a pair of KG 2 aircraft during the Greek invasion of May 1941. Both have yellow engine cowlings and spinners as well as yellow rudders.

As mentioned earlier, you can build one of these options with what comes on the sheet. The instructions are in full color and you are provided with RLM, FS 595, and Humbrol paint references. I've used Techmod decals before and find them to be superior to what most kits provide. o two aircraft.

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