Thundercals 48-002: P-47D Razorback Thunderbolts PTO part 2
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Scott Van Aken

This is the second of the new Thundercals' sheets and like the first one, covers aircraft that have not been on decal sheets before or have been unavailable for a long time. This one is also for Pacific Jugs and covers three aircraft. All are in pretty much olive drab over neutral grey. The sheet is sized for the Tamiya 1/48 kit, but there is no reason why these might not also fit other Razorback Jugs from Hasegawa, Monogram or Otaki.

The first option on the sheet is 'The Witch' as flown from Wheeler Field, Hawaii in April of 1944. This aircraft has yellow for the main trim with that shade being used on the spinner, forward cowling, fuselage, fin and horizontal stabs. The canopy in this one is black.

Next is 'Fiery Ginger IV' one of Neel Kirby's mounts from when he was the C.O. of the 348th FG based in New Guinea during March of 1944. It carries the white leading edges and fin/rudder markings that were normal for this area. It also has his kill markings. Though Kirby was shot down following his 22nd victory, it is felt that one of the 22 markings on his plane at the time was a probable. Note that this aircraft is a D-4 variant and does not have wing pylons.

Finally, we have '8 Ball' from the 19th FS on Saipan during June of 1944. This aircraft has an unpainted cowling and tail section. The ID stripes, cowl flaps and spinner are all in blue.

The sheet is superbly printed by Cartograf and provides enough data markings to do one of the three aircraft. An addendum sheet is supplied to take care of a couple of glitches.  The full color instruction sheet includes a data placement guide as well as references for the schemes.  Each aircraft has a small notes section that you may find of interest when building that subject.

It is an excellent first sheet and I know you will see more in the future. No web site as yet, so please send inquiries to

November 2011

My thanks to Thundercals for the review sample.

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