Superscale 72-831: P-47D Thunderbolt

Units: 15 FG / 7 AF




Scott Van Aken

This nice pair comes from the Pacific theater; the 15th AF to be precise. These guys didn't see any combat as they were assigned to the protection of the Hawaiian Islands. Made for pretty nice duty, but not what a combat pilot wants to do. The Tamiya kit is the recommended version. Both of these planes are D-23s so have the 12'2" Curtiss Electric prop. If you are wondering why the emphasis on the prop, the P-47 used several different kinds and most were determined by the dash number. A real Jug-a-holic will have a coronary if he sees the wrong prop on a model. Yeah, I know it is anal, but it is all part of the hobby.

First up is a 78 FS "bushmasters' aircraft with a yellow and black cowling and yellow and black fin tip, wing tip, and tail plane tip.

The other is a 47 FS 'The Turnip Termites' plane it also has black and yellow markings but these bits are in the form of bands. The sheet provides the yellow outlines, but you'll have to paint the black parts.

Both will make for very colorful models when done.

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