Superscale 48-829: A-4B Skyhawk.

Units: VA-81 and VA-106




Scott Van Aken

Since Superscale likes to do things in pairs, this is the second new A-4 sheet. This time it is for the A-4B. These are from the early days of the Scooter and are in Light Gull Grey over White. The recommended kit is the Fujimi A-4B and while it is the ONLY B model kit in 1/72, one can modify the Italeri/ESCI A-4E kit if one has the old IPMS/USA conversion that includes a new nose and intakes.

First up is from VA-106 aboard the USS Intrepid during 1958.

The other is from VA-81 aboard the USS Forrestal during 1961. Both are very colorful aircraft and well worth the effort of doing.

There are sufficient data markings, insignia, wing walks and anti-glare panels for both aircraft, one of the bennies of modeling in 1/72.

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