Superscale 72-828: A-4F Skyhawk

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Scott Van Aken

Always room for more Skyhawk sheets and this one contains two schemes from earlier 1/48 sheets. Both are from the early 1970s and are in the Light Gull Grey over White scheme that we USN fans so adore. For kits, the Fujimi one is the best, but the older AMT/ESCI kit isn't bad either.

First up is from VA-93 aboard the USS Bon Homme Richard in 1970. Yes, I know it says VA-95, but it is a typo. Trust me.

The other is from VA-55 aboard the USS Hancock during 1974 and probably one of the last USN Skyhawk deployments as the unit soon transitioned to the A-6 Intruder.

Since this is a 1/72 sheet, there are markings for both planes and that includes wing walk and nose anti-glare panels. You'll notice that the nose panels are not shown in the decal placement guide. I'm pretty sure they are supposed to be there.

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