Superscale 72-827: A-7E Corsair II

Units: VA-94 & VA-105




Scott Van Aken

The second new 1/72 A-7E sheet also pulls from the previously released 1/48 efforts. Like those, it provides two more CAG birds, both in light gull grey over white.

The VA-94 bird is from the USS Coral Sea, while the VA-105 aircraft is from the USS Saratoga; both ships which have since been decommissioned.

The sheet provides full markings for both models and a nice set of upper aft fuselage anti-skid walkways for one. Kits abound and the easiest to find will be the Italeri rebox of the ESCI kit. This is a pretty nice one with recessed panel lines, but a rather barren cockpit and an intake trunk that goes back about a 1/4 inch! The best is the Fujimi kit that can still be found without too much trouble. Airfix also does a fairly good A-7E, though it is a bit old and of the raised panel line generation.

Regardless of which you choose, this sheet will just make it look better!

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